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 Thrai lies about 8 Km far to the South of City Timergara. It lies on the right side of GT road while traveling from Peshawar to Timergara .Thrai is a beautiful village, and is full of natural scenes & beautiful places.

Thrai Village View

The are about 250 homes population in Thrai. There are a few (Private) Nusery forests planning centers.From there thousand of plants (containing Lachi and Nakhtar,Tooth,Shindy,erc) are provided to the whole district people.

The work of construction is running with a very high speed in Thrai. A project naming ThraiA view of Thrai To Khazana By Pass to Khazana By Pass is also being running and is about to complete in a few months. Through this By Pass the vhecles whose are starting to go to Bajour or Munda From Peshawar and other place can be directly pass to Khazana without have to travelling though Timergara Bazar, due to which a time of about 40 minutes can be left with the passengers.





There are two petrol pumps in Thrai, Singum petrolium and Admore, both of which are runningA view of Ettihad Flour mills Thrai with effecent customers. There is a Flour mill in the Thrai village, Ettihad Four Mills, where a good quality of flour are produced, which is then provided into Timergara and some of the shops of Thrai. There is also a wheat godowns (godaam) where all the Dir District and Bajour Kota wheat is being stored, after storring for a short time the wheat is then provided to the all flour mills of the Dir and bajour.





There are manny places for viewers, the viewers and visitors can enjoy there self by eating the Famous Fishes of thrai.

A hotel namming "Khan Mohammad" & "Said Mohammad" Fishes Sailors is very famous in the area around us. There the fresh fishes of Panjkora River and Sard Daryab are cooks for the visitors. There is a pleasent environment beside the Panjkora River and the hotel is the hotel is setup it the fixed thePanjkora River near Sangum side of river. Beside the Fish hotel a new hotel with a beautiful gest house
is now starting up of a royal quality, whosw name is "Lawari gest House", which is satuited in the front of "Sangum" (The place where two rivers meets togather) of Panjkora and Bajour River.




A view From the Thrai Hill.



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