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Timergara was the district HQ of combined upper and lower Dir. After dividing it in Upper & Lower Dir, it does not lose its importance and remained the district HQ of Dir(Lower). All head offices of the district govt/semi govt departments are at Timergara.

Keeping in view the importance of Timergara city, people focused on it for their business activities. The limited city area was insufficient for such activities. People were facing problems due to non availability of suitable place for business.

Family of ex-Nawab of Dir is famous for providing business places on rent to the people. They feel the hurdles of people and planned to provide them suitable business place on long terms.  After preparing a well designed plan through reputed engineering firms, they started construction of Zeb City Center and completed its main part in a short span of time. People rushed for occupying shops and apartments for their businesses.

The city center has well designed electricity, water and sewerage system. Different plazas are specified for different sort of businesses like cloth plaza, crockery, cosmetics, computers, hotels and restaurants and for medical facilities. Different govt, semi govt and private organizations have established their offices in the center.

Clean environment, transparent computerized billing/ hiring system, wide car parking and availability of other basic needs of business attract more and more businessmen for investment and establishment of their businesses at ZCC. Business timing of the center are 7:30 a.m to 09:00 p.m. Once the customers enter into the city, then they find each and every thing of the use of their life.
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